Beef Sambusa ($1.99)
Thin Shells hand-Wrapped and stuffed with a blend of minced beef, peppers and herbs.

Vegetable Sambusa ($1.99)
Thin Shells hand-wrapped and stuffed with a Combination of  lentils, onions, peppers and herbs.

House Salad ($4.99)
Crisp green lettuce topped with green pepper, tomato and onion in an authentic house dressing.

Main Dishes Vegetarian 

Fosolia  ($10.99)
String beans lightly spiced with carrots and potatoes.

Yemisir Wot ($10.49)
Pureed split red lentils simmered in Blue Nile’s own spicy, hot berbere sauce.

Atakilt Wot ($10.59)
A delicious vegetable: boiled chopped cabbage, sliced carrots, and potato chunks, simmered with onions, garlic, ginger, and vegetable oil.

Shuro Wot ($11.99)
Roasted and powdered chick peas (Shuro), simmered in our unique, hot and spicy berbere sauce with vegetable oil.

Combination Platter ($13.99)
Yemisir Wot, Fosolia, Atakilt Wot, Shuro Wot, and House Salad.

Yater Kik($10.69)
Steamed peas with onions, seasoned with garlic and ginger.

Main Dishes Beef

Quanta Frefer ($16.59)
Pieces of injera soaked in Qey Watt (spicy) and dried beef.

Alicha Wot ($12.89)
Chopped lean beef Cooked in mild sauce and purified herbed butter.

Tibese Wot ($13.79)
Hot and spicy beef stew very lean Chopped beef Simmered in a hot and thick berbere sauce and purified herbed butter, with exotic spices added.

Minchet Abish($12.99)
Hot and spicy ground beef stew simmered in a spicy berbere sauce and purified herbed butter, with exotic spices added.

Gomen Besiga ($13.99)
Cooked lamb with collar green, herbed butter, garlic, ginger, onions and green pepper.

Beef Combination Platter ($14.99)
Tibese wot, Alicha wot, Minchet Abish and Gomen Besiga.

Zilzzl Tibbs ($14.99)
Strips of tender lean beef sautéed with home made awaze, peppers, onions and herbs.

Tibbs ($13.89)
Succulent pieces of tender lean beef sautéed in butter and seasoned with onions, green pepper, tomato and rosemary. Served juicy or dry.

Kitffo ($13.79)
Freshly minced, lean beef mixed with butter and mitmita. (Kitffo is traditionally served raw like steak tartar, or very rare). The butter has special herbs (Koseret) that give it a distinctive flavour.

Kitffo Dulet ($14.79)
Freshly minced, lean beef mixed with butter and mitmita, onion, and green peppers.

Kitffo Special ($14.79)
Served with goman (Kale)and home made cheese (Iybe).

Qurt ($14.79)
Selected lean raw beef served with awaze and mitmita. (Ethiopian Steak tartar).

Gored-Gored ($13.89)
Lean cubed beef simmered in a blend of red pepper and herbed butter. Gored-Gored is served raw or rare, with Awaze.

Main Dishes Lamb

Ye-beg Tibbs ($15.89)
Succulent pieces of fresh lamb sauteed in butter and seasoned with onions, green pepper, tomato and rosemary. Served juicy or dry.

Dulet ($14.89)
Chopped red meat, tripe and liver seasoned with herbed purified butter, spiced chili powder (Mitmita) Served raw, mild or well done.


Ye-Doro Wot ($14.69)
A drumstick or thigh cooked to tenderness in hot and thick red pepper onions, garlic, ginger and purified butter sauce. Served with a hard boiled egg and home made cheese.

Blue Nile Combination Platter ($16.99)
Ye-Doro Wot, Alicha wot, Minchet wot, Yater kik, Yemisir wot, Cabbage and Green lentils.


Soft Drinks ($1.95)
Club Soda, Coca Cola, Ginger Ale, Orange Crush, Pepsi, Diet Coke, Diet, 7-Up, Cream Soda.

Juices and Select Drinks ($2.25)
Cranberry, Orange, Mango, Apple, Guava, Passion fruit, Natural Spring Water (500ml), Milk.

Smothies ($3.95)
Banana, Mango, Strrawberry, Peach, 3-Berry Blerd.

Ethiopian Tea (Chai) ($2.25)

Tea ($1.75)

Coffee ($2.00)

Espresso ($2.25)

Cappuccino or Café Latte ($2.75)


Ice Cream ($3.50)
(Chocolate or Vanilla)

Homemade Ice Cream ($3.95)
Mango, Lychee or Coconat 


Domestic Beer ($3.95)
Labatt Blue, Coors Light, Budwiser, Molson Dry

Canadian Premium ($4.25)
Sleeman's Cream Ale, Upper Canada Dark Ale

Imported ($5.25)
Heinenken, Corona (Mexico) Becks (German)


Tej (Ethiopian Honey Wine) 10.5%Alc.

Tej Feliter ($6.99/$17.99)
Prodused from honey and a form of hops called “Gesho”. No artificial flavers added.

White Wines

(Bottle / ½ L)

Riesling(2) ($23.95/$13.95)
A German Riesling with medium sweetness, hints of apple, a good Choice with most dishes

Jackson Trigg’s(2)
An excellent light white wine.

A California Fume Blanc with melon and herbal flavours

Lindemans Bin 65(0)
An Australian Chardonnay with hints of citrus and slight acicity.

House White Wine by Glass

Red Wines

(Bottle and L)

Kressmann Sel (France)
Ruby red colour, bell pepper, fruit and berry flavour, light tanni, Medium fruit. (Served with spicy foods.)

Periquita(0)Cabernet Sauvignon
A Portuguese Muscat, light with floral tones a smooth finish.

Carte Noir Cotes du Rhone
(France) Cherry red colou, berry nose and flavour

Lindemans Bin 50    
An Australian shiraz with lively fruit enhanced by subtle oak.            

Fortant de France Cabernet Sauvignon
Black currant plum and fruit nose, with light touch of mint, Fruit carries thought in flavor with firm tannin.

Passe dur(0)                
A nicely balanced French wine made from ganay noir grapes, delicately fruity.

Jackson Triggs Merlot Sauvignon(1)
An excellent light bodied wine.        

Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet(1)   
Australian wine, ripe fruit flavours, aromas of plum and berry                

California Fume Blanc with melon and herbal flavours.

House Red Wine by Glass

Kids Menu (Not available at this time)

Hot Dog ($4.99)
Served with fries.

Mocaroni Cheese ($4.99)
Freshly minced.

Mini Chicken Burger ($4.99)
Served with rice.

Pasta ($4.99)
Served with meat and tomato sauce.

Chicken Naget ($4.99)
Served with fries.

Noodles ($4.99)
Served with Chicken and vagetable sauce.


Ice Cream ($3.50)
Chocolate or Vanilla

Homemade Ice Cream ($3.95)
Mango, Lychee or Coconat

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